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Lies and Betrayal COVER ART_sbh2017   co


From Chapter 1


Now married to David, Darcie did her best to get dinner on the table at a reasonable time, something she could only do when her work schedule allowed.  As in a typical family, after dinner the boys wandered off to their rooms to do their homework, while Darcie and David, together, cleared off the table and put the majority of the dishes in the dishwasher. To enjoy some alone time, they went out back to the office. David had a small, well-stocked bar. The couple each had their drink of choice. David was a scotch-and-water man; Darcie preferred a margarita on the rocks, or a sweet white wine as a close second favorite. The two sat on the couch, talking about their day.

    “Do they know?” Darcie asked.

    “Maybe, I doubt it. I haven’t told them; they haven’t asked. When they see your name tag, they’ll assume were married.”

    “If they ask, then what?”

    “You can handle it. Don’t worry. Just learn how to be number two and guide the men.”


    “You have a son—it’s like that, without babying them. Like you treat me, but only nicer.”

    “What’s wrong, baby? I don’t treat you well?” she said as she placed her hand on  his thigh. “You want some of me?”

    “If you’re willing, I’m willing. How do you want it?”

    “When I’m asleep.”

    “Why not now, right here?” David asked as he placed his hand down her blouse. 

    “I love the no-bra look.”

    “You love the ease of it all.”

    “Yeah, I do. None of this bullshit and ‘oh, oh, not now’ crap. You have great tits.”

David set his glass on the side table, dipped his forefinger in the drink, then lifted Darcie’s top and rimmed her left nipple with the sweet liquid from the drink. She watched in silence. 

    “Now what?” she giggled. 

Chapter 6




Sheriff Steven left the scene. He made a comment to his driver as they pulled out about the prosecutors being soft on crime, especially if it was marijuana related. Sheriff Steven placed a call to DA Paul Gallegos. 

Two days after the shooting, Carl Patton was still being interrogated. This was a multi-level investigation, covering both attempted murder and the 350 marijuana plants growing throughout the house. The first day they covered the shooting; Carl had little to say, outside of confessing. The police knew there was more, especially after they found out that the Patton’s gun had also been used in another crime, a crime in which Carl Patton had no involvement. This begged the question, where did he get the Glock? 

    “Mr. Patton, we have more things to discuss. Let’s start with the gun. Where did you get this weapon?” No answer was forthcoming.

    “Did you purchase this? If so, from whom or which outlet?” Again, no response. 

    “We’re going to do this one more time. How did you come by the Glock?”

    “I bought it.”

    “Really? And  from whom?”

    “I don’t remember.” Carl mumbled. 

    “I find it hard to believe that anyone can forget where they purchased a weapon. How long have you had it?”  No answer. Carl was his usual unresponsive self.

    “Maybe you didn’t purchase the Glock. Let me rephrase my question. When and where did you steal it? Oh, another charge.”

    “One year, six months, five years? Clearly you have some idea.”

    “A few years, not sure,” came the reply.

    “And you bought from where or whom?”

    “I don’t remember.” Carl repeated.

    “Do you remember using it to shoot your girlfriend?”  

He nodded his head in the affirmative. 

    “How is she? Will survive?” Carl’s voice full of concern








            Judge John Feeney’s preliminary hearing results were brief. He announced that there was enough evidence to proceed with a jury trial. Superior Court Judge Bruce Watson was assigned to hear the trial, which would be held in early September, depending upon the time it took to select a jury. 

Five days later, Blue Lake City Council had an emergency closed session. At the top of the agenda was the potential termination of David Gundersen as chief. Since his arrest, he had been suspended with pay, as had been his wife and the two deputies. The sheriff’s department temporarily had taken over. City Manager Wiley Buck was also on the hot seat, as was the entire police department. Councilwomen Karen Barnes and Marlene Smith were vocal, aggressive; Buck remained defensive.  Councilwoman Smith started out:


     “This man is passive-aggressive. He is not, nor was he ever, a good fit for our town. He would backstab you while smiling. We need a warm, fuzzy police chief, not some big-town dummy with an inflated ego.”

    “I echo this. Now the truth is out.                          

Find out how bad this story gets, its based on true events and covers sex, drugs, thief and more

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