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Photo Gallery 

From the novel:                                                                                                    From the historical books:
                                The Last Deputy                                                                    A Fraternity: True Stories  of Wild West Gunmen, vol. I, II


​Plaza de Los Angeles, 1869

Los Angeles, 1900,  looking down from Bunker Hill

King Fisher of Texas, early crime boss, gunslinger and lawman



Abilene, Kansas, 1875

Calle de los Negros,  early Los Angeles.


Bat Masterson & Wyatt Earp  Dodge City 1874

Early 20th Century Postman making delivery. Public domain photo.cNot part of my books but the photograph is interesting.

Wichita, Kansas, 1874

"Carrying of fire arms,strictly forbidden," Ablilene, Kansas. 

1880's Photograph.

Johnny Ringo, gunslinger, later to be infamous with the Cow-boy faction of Tombstone, Arizona

Dodge City, Kansas, 1874

Chief Quanah Parker who lead Comanche, Cheyenne, and Kiowa warriors in the Battle of Adobe Walls, 2 in 1874.  The indians had between 500 to over 700 warriors against 29 men, mostly buffalo hunters; the youngest member was Bat Masterson.

The Rose of Cimarron, Rose Dunn. She ran with the Dalton Gang and the Wild Bunch.

Oklahoma Land Rush, 1893. towns are springing up over night. Photograph from Oklahoma Historical Society, OKC

Cattle Annie and Little Britches.  These two lady Outlaws ran with the "Wild Bunch" from Vol. II,  A Fraternity of Gunslingers.

Leadville, Colorado, 1883. One of the wildest western towns of all time.  Bat Masterson was the law here for the while.  See Vol--II.  A Fraternity of Gunslingers

George "Bittercreek" Newcomb (in death). The lover of Rose Dunn. Too wild for the Dalton Gang, he became a charter member of the Wild bunch. Bittercreek was ambushed and killed by his lover's brothers.

Ike Clanton just prior to the OK Corral Gunfight 1881


Mysterious Dave Mather. Outlaw, Froniter Marshal, man killer, Freind to Bat Materson, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday to name a few.  He seldom looked a man in the eyes. 

Moman Puriett, Lawyer to the murderers and horse theives. He damn near never lost a case, is consisder one of the greatest lawyers of all time. 

     Two Froniter Lawmen, 1880s. Note the hardware

Peral Hart, Lady Outlaw

The Unsinkable Molly Brown, heroine of the Titanic. She and her husband made their fortune  during the mining boom days of Leadville, Colorado  

Jack Slade, first "celebrity" gunman of the old west. He was kind when sober but as mean as they come when drunk. He was never an outlaw but was hung by the Vigilance Committee in 1864 due to his out of control behavior. 

The bar at the International Hotel, Austin, Nevada.  The oldest bar in the West.  In 1867, this bar traveled around the "horn" to San Francisco then transported by freight wagon to Austin.

John X. Beidler (X to his friends). Was a failure in all business endevors unitl he became the head excustioner for the Montana Viligence Committie in 1864. Rose to be one of the all time great United States Deputy Marshals. 

City Hall, Austin, Nevada, 1866.  Downstairs was the Jail. 

Austin was a silver and gold mining town established on November 21, 1863

Bannack Montana, this is the first jail in Montana Territory, build by Sheriff Henry Plumer who was hung by the Vigilance Committee in 1864

Wyatt Earp, famous frontier lawman, gunslinger in his 6os.  Wyatt lived until 1929, when he passed away in Los Angeles, California. He is mostly legend.

Famous bag of flour used to raise money to help the wounded soldiers,, both Union and Confedrate. See Vol. 2 of A FRATERNITY OF GUNSLINGERS, Austin, NV Chapter.

Old City Hall, LA, CA 1900

Miles City, Montana, 1881, where deputy Morgan Earp shot it out with former City Marshal Billy Brook out of Kansas. Shootout was  just prior to Morgan resigning his job to join his brothers in Tombstone.

The Dodge City Peace Commission. The two men standing on left side were partners, ownere of the Long Branch Saloon. It was taken away from them by the Mayor and Dodge police force. Luke Short when to Bat Mastern, who called in their friends. These men and more marched in and took over Dodge City. Read more in the fist book A FRATERNITY OF GUNSLINGERS: TRUE STORIE OF WILD WEST GUNMEN. Chapter 9, "Luke Short"


Oklahoma's first police force 1889

1886, Apache Chief Germanio on the right with warriors. They plagued the settlers of  Arizona Territory 


Guthrie Oklahoma 

Abe Lincoln just prior to his assassination. He had Congress commissioned the Transcontintal Railroad which opened up the West from St. Joe, Missouri to California to settment.


Dan Tipton, one of Wyatt Earp's closes friends who was with Morgan when Morgan was assassinated. Dan road with Wyatt on the infamous Vendetta Ride

HIgh Hat image001.jpg

Note the cowboy sitting with tall brim hat. That is a Range Hat worked by  Ranch Forman. He would be stride of his horse overlooking his ranch hands, if they need him, he would be easily seen.

More photographs showing the flavor of times will be added to this site often

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