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Anaheim 188; Disneyland sits here now 
West Center St, Anaheim006.jpg
3rd and Main Los Angeles
Timms Landing SanPedro, now L.A. Harbor. Deadman's island in the background it no longer exist.
Over looking early Hollywood from Mt Lee. 1923.
Early Los Angeles who was as bad as a Wild West town could be. Note the sign.
New City Hall, 1928 @ Spring &Main Streets
1889 Guthrie Oklahoma beginnigs
Guthrie_Oklahoma_start April 24, 1889.jpg
              Chief Quanah
John Ringo one of the leaders of the Cowboy faction from Tombstone. He died with a bullet from his revolver the woods.
Olivera Street in mid 1880 to day pure high rises.
   First Oil field in Los Angeles, c1842-43
1880 The Van Nuys' Home at 7th Street and Main
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